5 facts about dessert e-liquids

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Vaping has come a long way in the last three to four years. You’ve probably noticed more and more people with e-cigarettes on your nights out, especially when you’re at restaurants, bars or clubs. It’s clearly becoming a more popular hobby for smokers.

One thing that has changed significantly in the vaping scene is the emergence of dessert-flavoured e-juices. You might be surprised to know that dessert e-liquids are often the most popular among vapers. Let’s check out some little-known facts about dessert-flavoured e-liquids.

The manufacturing process is basically the same

You might be thinking that the manufacturing process is quite complicated when creating dessert flavours. However, this is certainly not the case. In fact, dessert e-liquids following a very similar cooking process to more conventional tobacco e-juices. The only difference is that an extract is added to emulate the desired flavour. For example, a chocolate-strawberry combination would require a cocoa extract and strawberry essence.

They can get very complicated

When you think of dessert-themed e-liquids, your mind probably conjures up things like chocolate and caramel. However, if you check out the range at Kev’s Vape and other places, you’ll find that some of the flavours can get quite wacky and specific. Cookie dough? It’s out there somewhere. Dolce Gelato? It’s an incredibly popular flavour. Birthday cake? Glazed donuts? Honeycombe cream? The list goes on.

They aren’t full of sugar

While a Dolce Gelato e-liquid will bring about memories of authentic Italian sweets, it certainly won’t hit the waistline. In fact, many e-liquids contain very little to no sugars at all in the ingredients list. So, if you’re a diabetic, you won’t have to worry about fluctuating sugar levels. However, that isn’t a license to just vape all day. Remember that all great things should be consumed in moderation.

The flavouring is only a small part

Some flavours can be incredibly potent, like a vanilla, chocolate or cherry. However, if you were to research how e-liquids are made and created, you’d find that the flavouring only constitutes approximately 20% total ingredient content. Indeed, you’d also find that the VG/PG base makes up around 75% of the vaping juice.

Flavourings are safe

If you’re ever worried that the flavourings may be chemically unsafe, do not be alarmed. All flavourings included in e-juices are safe for consumption. Moreover, your flavourings can be natural or artificial in nature.

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