Benefits of rechargeable e-cigs over disposables


If you’re a new e-cig user then you might be wondering what the difference is between throw-away electronic cigarettes and reusable tools and whether rechargeable electronic cigarettes are worth their more premium price tag.

Whilst the choice is a matter of personal preference, there are some definite benefits to reusable devices. Read on below to find out more.

Improved battery life

Disposables are designed to typically last about the number of puffs you might take with one to two packs of cigarettes before the e-liquid and battery run low and you throw them away. The key difference with reusable e-cigs is that you can recharge the battery over and over again and get continued and much longer use out of your implement.

Most reusable implements come with USB chargers and are simple to plug in and recharge. It is possible to purchase tools with much longer battery life or purchase premium batteries that last much longer than disposables. If you’re a regular e-cig user a reusable tools is much more convenient than disposable products and allows you to get a lot more use from your tool.

Personalisation options

Disposable devices do not offer much in the way of customisation ability. Most come pre-loaded with e-liquids and don’t allow for much tinkering. Rechargeable devices can be purchased with a great range of customisation options, everything from wattage, temperature, airflow and e-juice can be changed.

If you’re a regular e-cig user looking to get a better experience out of your e-cig then an e-cig is going to give you a far better control over flavour, vapour and a whole list of other things.

Whilst not everyone wants the option to change the settings on their device it is certainly a big plus for many e-cig users.


In the long run reusable tool will end up being much more expensive. Whilst the up-front cost is greater they are much less expensive then disposables for regular use.

If you only planning on vaping as a one-off than a disposable tool makes sense, but for even semi-regular users a reusable implement is far less expensive and much more convenient.

Once the electronic cigarette has been purchased you will only require refills, because you don’t have to purchase pre-filled cartridges there are a lot of savings to be made and much less waste.

Better quality

Rechargeable electronic cigarettes are designed to last longer and so they generally come with much higher quality parts than disposable devices that will be quickly thrown away.

Customisable and upgradeable parts and the ability to replace make these devices much better overall and prolong the life of your device. Disposable e-cigs usually come with generic and limited e-liquid flavours as well, whilst you are able to customise your e-liquids with rechargeable devices and have access to a range of premium e-liquids.

More vapour

Disposable ‘cigalikes’ don’t usually blow big clouds of vapour. They’re supposed to be discreet and they don’t have adjustable settings or usually use high VG ratios so they don’t produce as much vapour. With rechargeable devices it is possible to adjust settings such as the wattage, temperature and airflow to improve the size of your vapour clouds.

Better flavour selection

Disposables come pre-loaded with e-liquids, so you’ll be getting generic flavours when you purchase them, there’s usually one to two flavour options at a variety of nicotine strengths to choose from with disposables.

With rechargeable electronic ciagrettes however, you are able to customise then e-liquid in your electronic cigarette and therefore have access to the thousands of flavour options available on the market.

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