Gift ideas for e-cig users

Gift ideas for e-cig users

Are you looking for the perfect gift idea for the avid e-cigarette user in your life? It can be hard to find the perfect gift for a friend or family member. That’s why we’ve listed a few ideas below to suit any budget, lifestyle or preference when it comes to e-cigs and vaping.

Read on below to find your next great gift for important events and special occasions.

A new e-cigarette

If they’re an intermediate user who has been vaping for a while but maybe hasn’t given up the starter kit, or if their old device is looking a bit worn out then maybe it’s time for a replacement. If you know what they’re after or what their vaping preferences are, then a new e-cigarette device is a great idea for a gift. Since a brand new kit can be a little bit pricier, this might be a gift that your reserve for a boyfriend, girlfriend, close family member or friend. It’ll make an excellent gift for a birthday, Christmas or special occasion and is certainly a gift that they’ll use regularly, if not every day. Make sure if you can do it in Australia.

Fun, new e-juice flavours

Most e-cig users love an opportunity to try out new flavours, but it can expensive to constantly purchase new e-juice flavours and it can be disappointing for e-cig users when they shell out the cash for a new flavour, only to discover they don’t really like it. That’s why most e-cig flavours will love new e-juice as a gift, as it gives them the chance to try out new things. This is a great gift idea and something that your gift recipient will really use. Ask them about what flavours are their favourite and try and get something in the same profile, such as if they like citrusy flavours get them lemon or orange. It’s an awesome gift that will show them how well you know them.

A protective case

A proper protective case for e-cig devices and batteries are very important for taking proper care of an e-cig device and ensuring it lasts a long time. Loose batteries can be dangerous and are an explosion risk, if they aren’t properly protected they can cause serious damage or harm to people. E-cig’s left to roll around in your handbag or stuffed in your pocket could potentially break. A cut protective case is perfect for preventing damage to a device that your friend or family member likely uses daily.

Replacement parts

This might not be the most fun gift idea, but it’s definitely practical and will be very appreciated by regular vapers. The reality of using an e-cigarette device is that a certain amount of maintenance comes along with it. E-cig users will regularly find themselves replacing atomisers, wicks or coils. Unfortunately these parts just don’t last forever, so purchasing a few replacement parts can really help with making maintenance and cleaning easier on your friend or family member.

Magazine subscriptions

Vaping has a real community behind it, with a myriad of different interests and pursuits behind the hobby. Some people are into sub ohming, others into cloud chasing, some into flavour chasing or maybe they’re really into exciting mods. If you’re gift recipient is interested in a particular area then a great gift idea is to get them a magazine subscription relevant to e-cigs and vaping, or a great book on the subject. It’ll make for really interesting reading and might teach them new things that they didn’t know before.

These are just a few gift ideas to try out on the e-cig user in your life!


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