How to get better flavour from your e-cigarette


Cloud chasing has become a popular pursuit and whilst blowing big clouds and doing tricks is fun it doesn’t usually make for the best flavour experience for users.

If you want to find out how to get the most out of your e-liquids then read on below.

Play with the wattage and temperature

Variable setting devices are the gold standard for flavour chasers because the easiest way to get more flavour out of your e-cigarette is by playing with the settings. A change to the temperature or wattage can impact the density of flavour you get from vapour and greatly improve the experience.

Starting at low settings and slowly adjusting up is generally the best way to get the most out of your device and find the best settings for the most flavour. Experimenting with heat and wattage will eventually lead you to find the settings that give you a consistently good flavour.

Reduce the airflow

A lot of cloud chasers want to do exactly the opposite of this and are instead usually looking to increase airflow to get the biggest vapour clouds they can from their e-cig devices, but this is not the best way to get good flavour.

Big vapour clouds are less dense and therefore less flavourful, so this is not the desired effect for those who value a good flavour hit. Instead you want to reduce the airflow as it produces denser and warmer vapour clouds that carry more flavour.

It is important to get the balance right though because it is possible to overdo it and have vapour be too hot or to prevent your e-cig device from producing enough vapour and then there’s no flavour.

Restricted airflows on some devices can create a greater throat hit, whilst this is desirable for some it’s not the best outcome for everyone. If you don’t like a big throat hit then it’s better to look for smaller bores and chambers to work with the reduced airflow.

Choose the right coil

Carefully considering the coil that goes in your electronic cigarette device can make a substantial difference to your flavour outcomes.

Generally when it comes to flavour, top-coils that rely on gravity for wicking lose a lot of flavour.

Bottom-coils are much better for flavour as it doesn’t require e-liquids to be pulled up the stem.

Sub ohming generally creates better flavour as it creates lower resistance through the coil, allowing users to pull more flavour.

Pick the right wicking materials

Surprisingly even the small details like wicking materials can make a difference to your flavour experience with electronic cigarettes.

Silica and wicking materials are one of the most common materials in devices but they can really decrease flavour. That’s probably why cotton has gained popularity and become one of the most used wicking materials.

Japanese cotton sheets are popular because of the clean flavour they produce, but there are other cotton variants such as cotton balls and cellucotton.

PG over VG

Most cloud chasers will heavily favour vegetable glycerine bases for the e-liquids because it produces better clouds. VG is however completely tasteless and odourless and much less viscous so it produces less dense vapour which cannot carry as much flavour.

Propylene glycol is a better way to go for those who want better flavour, although it will generally produce a bigger throat hit.

Keep it clean

Dirty equipment will produce a horrible taste, the best thing you can do to ensure the bets flavour from your e-liquids is to make sure your coils and e-cigarette are kept clean and stored in a safe and dry area.

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