Info for buying e-cig accessories

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While an e-cigarette and e-juice are all you need to enjoy vaping – have you considered accessorising to give yourself an enhanced or more convenient experience? There are heaps of great accessories for your e-cigarette that you can select from, each giving you a better way to vape.

Here’s some info for buying accessories for your e-cigarette.

Replacement parts

Individual replacement parts for your e-cigarette can be bought in the case something breaks or wears down. You might also simply replace a part of your e-cig because you’ve found a superior alternative.

The most commonly bought replacement parts are batteries and replacement coils.

Convenience accessories

There are also plenty of accessories you can buy that simply make life easier with your e-cig. Lanyards, stretchy belt cords, carry cases and docking stations are all available to make using your e-cig more convenient as well as protecting it from damage or being misplaced.

It would be a nightmare to break or lose your precious e-cigarette because you didn’t invest in a cheap lanyard or carry case. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Charing accessories

Because e-cigs are battery powered, they need to be recharged every so often so that they don’t run dry while you’re out and about. Different e-cigarettes have different charging systems, with some being USB powered.

Accessories include wall mounts and express chargers that make charging your e-cig faster or less fiddly. If you’re planning on being a long-term vaper, it’s prudent to make small investments in accessories that make partaking easier for you.

Buying an e-cig accessory

Obviously, you want to make sure there’s a practical utility to the accessories that you buy. While one thing might seem nice, are you really going to use it?

Accessories that protect your e-cig from damage if you drop it are always a good investment as you never know when the worst will happen.


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