Places you shouldn’t leave your e-cigarette

Places you shouldn’t leave your e-cigarette

Once you start vaping, it can be hard to stop. You’ll want to do it everywhere, at home, in your car, at work, on your way to the grocery store! It’s understandable to want to enjoy it at every opportunity, but it’s important to remember that not every environment is good for vaping. Sometimes certain environments can put your e-cigarette device at risk of being damaged, or they could put you at risk. So read on below to find out what settings aren’t appropriate for your e-cigarette and where you should avoid leaving it.

Next to the bath tub

There are plenty of e-cig users out there that will enjoy vaping in the tub at the end of the long day. Whilst this can be a great way to relax, e-cig users should avoid leaving their e-cig device to balance next to a large body of water. If your device falls into a tub it will likely die. If you’ve recently been using it it can also be dangerous to you, as it will still be hot to the touch and might burn your bare skin. Tiled rooms can also be dangerous to e-cog device, if you drop it on the hard floor then you’re device will almost definitely take some serious damage.

A bathroom vape dock, or position away from water is a good idea if you want to vape in the bathroom.

Near the stove top

A lot of people enjoy the experience of indulging in rich e-juice flavours whilst they enjoy some good food or wine. Naturally a lot of people find themselves tempted to vape whilst they cook. Cooking dinner whilst vaping can be the perfect aromatic experience, but it can also be dangerous if you’re doing it over the stove top or an open flame. Heat can be particularly dangerous to e-cigs for a number of reasons, first because it can damage the lithium battery in your device and also because it could melt the plastic components on your device. Leaving your e-cig to rest beside your stove could have disastrous consequences; you could end up with a melted e-cig or even a battery explosion. Cooking grease could also get into the parts on your device, which might require faster replacements. The kitchen sink also presents a risk to your device, as you could accidentally drop it or knock it in. So avoid leaving your e-cig sitting around the kitchen unattended.

On your balcony

A lot of e-cog users would prefer not to vape inside their home and so they will sit outside on the balcony. This is a great place to vape and will prevent vapour clouds from floating through your house, but it’s also not a good place to leave your e-cig unattended. Leaving your e-cigarette outside can end badly. Leaving your device sitting on the railing might lead to it falling off in the wind; even if you live on the first floor this could damage your e-cig. It also leaves it outside exposed to the elements, wind or rain could damage your device. The hot sun can also damage your e-liquids or batteries. Your balcony might also be open to curious animals which might be attracted to the smell of your e-juice, they could damage your device trying to get to the e-juice or could get hurt. Nicotine is toxic to most animals, so if they get into your e-juice it could be fatal.

In the car

A lot of people will bring their e-cigarette along with them when they travel in the car, which can often lead to them leaving it in the cup holder, on the seat or in the glove box. This is a bad idea because cars can get very hot, and heat can damage your device. Extreme heat is bad for lithium batteries and could cause your e-juice to turn into unappetising sludge.


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