Question in focus: Should you start vaping?

Rise in Number of E-Cigarette Users Struggling with Vaping Addiction

Vaping can be a fun and exciting activity on a night out or just when you’re relaxing at home. However, if you’re a little unsure about whether you want to start vaping, it’s important to take time to consider the decision. Don’t get involved in vaping for the wrong reasons. If you’re trying to quit smoking or ween yourself off cigarettes, you should really think again. A lot of the evidence surrounding vaping as a tool to reduce cigarette consumption has been inconclusive. Kev’s Vape does not endorse vaping as a way of cigarette cessation. However, if you want to get involved in the trend of vaping for another reason, read this brief guide on why you should or shouldn’t get involved.

The smell isn’t anywhere near as bad

If you are friends with someone addicted to smoking, then you’ll be aware of how bad the smell can be. The reason why cigarette smoke smells worse than vape odour is because cigarettes burn tar and other chemicals that release noticeable scents. Unfortunately, cigarette smoke clings to your clothing, furniture and other items in your house and apartment. What does this mean? Well, it means that your home will smell of cigarette smoke as well.

Thankfully, vaping smoke does not have the same ominous odour that regular cigarettes possess. There might be a slight scent, however, that scent will largely be of the e-liquid flavour.

Cheaper in the long-term

Another great benefit of vaping is the fact that vaping is much cheaper in the long-run. Smoking has quickly become an expensive habit, in which some cigarette packs cost up to $40 in Australia. As a result, a pack-a-day smoker could spend upwards of $1000 month, maybe even more some months.

Vaping doesn’t have the same cost dilemma. The initial device can be somewhat expensive, depending on the quality. Having said this, purchasing e-liquids and maintenance costs are far lower month to month when compared to traditional cigarette costs.

You want to try something new

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to try something new. If you’re a seasoned smoker, you might want to spark up your smoking habits and break the monotony. There are plenty of flavours when it comes to e-liquids: watermelon, lemon, chocolate, apple, banana and berry. You can go for a dessert flavour (like something a little sweeter) or something more savoury.

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