Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarettes: A Helping Hand in Quitting Smoking

Every smoker has tried to quit smoking at least once in his or her lifetime but they mostly fail. It becomes very difficult to get rid of addiction like that…

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Benefits of rechargeable e-cigs over disposables

If you’re a new e-cig user then you might be wondering what the difference is between throw-away electronic cigarettes and reusable tools and whether rechargeable electronic cigarettes are worth their…

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e-cig charger

Why you should get a car charger for your e-cig

There are a lot of convenient accessories out there to choose from to improve your experience with you electronic cigarettes, car chargers are one of the simpler options out there…

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How to get better flavour from your e-cigarette

Cloud chasing has become a popular pursuit and whilst blowing big clouds and doing tricks is fun it doesn’t usually make for the best flavour experience for users. If you…

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