Tips for storing your vaping supplies


Staying organised is a very handy skill to have especially if you have heaps of different vaping supplies. It may take extra work to get organised if you are not a fan of it but if you do manage to get around to it, it can definitely benefit you and your hobby.

When you are looking at all of your different accessories, e-juice and extra batteries you may be thinking what is the best method to store all of my gear? To maximise your organisation you break it down into two different factors which is short term and long term storage.

Below we are going to explore some tips to help with storing all of your gear.

Short term

For short term storage options you want to be sure that you have protection for your gear when you are moving around. If you have a lot of loose items moving around it can get easy for them to get damaged which is a real bummer considering they cost a significant amount. You can buy cases and lanyards to hold your gear and your e-cigarettes altogether. As well as having it easily accessible you don’t run the risk of dropping it either this way! Whatever you use for protection you just want to make sure that it is protected from any sources of force.

You should also have an extra charged battery and a full cartridge/extra cartomiser on you at all times. Nobody wants to be half way through vaping only to have their one battery die on them.

While many people opt to store their gear in coffee mugs and jars, they don’t really offer a whole lot in terms of protection.

Long term

Storing your gear on a long term basis is also very important especially for those types of vapers that like to buy in bulk. If you do buy your e-juice in bulk it is important that you store it in a dark and cool place. Heat and light exposure are bad for your e-juice as it can alter the chemicals in it which can cause it to expire sooner than you would like.

You should also aim to keep your supplies out of direct sunlight and heat as well. A tackle box or another storage container are great long term storage options as they are dark, cool and provide a reasonable amount of protection. Be sure to avoid storing batteries in containers that conduct electricity otherwise you may find that your batteries will run out of charge a lot quicker than expected.

Storage when you are travelling

If you are planning on travelling with your e-ciggy you should also have some additional storage options to bring with you. Fortunately for vapers who love to travel e-ciggies are compact and small which means they can be packed away very well. You should also check in with what travel regulations to comply with as all batteries need to be in your carry-on luggage so they can be scanned properly. It is also important to note that you won’t be able to charge your battery at the airport or on the plane so be sure to charge it beforehand.

If you have one of the short term carry cases you should have your day to day accessories in there and then in your suitcase. This will reducing the rustling that they may experience keeping everything in order.

One final point you should consider is the transportation of e-liquids to any foreign countries you may be visiting. For example you aren’t allowed to bring in or sell any liquids with nicotine in them in Australia.

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