Tips for vaping in winter

vaping for winter

When winter roles around it can have a real impact your hobbies especially if they involve going outside. The cold and wet months are nasty and vaping is also included in Mother Nature’s hit list for hobbies during winter. While it is more difficult to enjoy what you love during these periods, doesn’t mean that they are out of the question completely.

Luckily for you there are some simple steps that you can take to ensure that you can keep using your e-cig even when the climate changes. Below are some of our helpful tips to get you through the next couple of cold months.

Can my e-juice freeze?

Many people who live in the harsh colder climates may have to at least question themselves once if their e-juice can freeze. It makes sense as it is a type of liquid it should run the risk of being susceptible to becoming frozen if the temperature reaches a certain point. To get straight to the point, e-juice can freeze but that doesn’t mean all hope is lost.

It’s freezing point is a lot lower than that of water’s so while it may be cold and snowing outside, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your e-cig will suddenly freeze over. It is common knowledge that water freezes at 0 degrees but the main components that make up e-juice (vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol) freeze at -17 and -12 degrees respectively.

So with that in mind you need to be in a very cold climate for your e-cig to stop suddenly have an ice cube in it. You should also be aware that while it may no freeze entirely, it may get thicker which can cause some extra wear and tear to your clearomiser.

Use lipbalm

Cold winds can be very harsh on your lips especially when they are getting chapped from the onslaught of the winter weather. You know that old movie cliché of people getting their tongues stuck to metal poles in the colder months? Well it may seem funny on TV but it definitely isn’t a laughing matter when it happens to you. As your mouth piece is most likely made out of metal you should applying lipbalm to your lips if you are planning on vaping outside. Eliminating any possibility of you damaging your lips and your electronic cigarettes is the best way to go.

Protecting your gear

You should be taking the procedures to protect your gear during all times of the year but you should also take extra care during the colder months. A potential issue that you may run into is that your battery life and reduce it to about 70 percent of its normal capacity. With that in mind it is important that you don’t let your battery get too cold as it will drain faster.

Keeping it in your pocket when you aren’t using it will keep it away from the cold and also in a cool dry place. This will ensure that you get the most out of your battery and your e-cig in the winter months.

Thicker clouds

As we briefly mentioned before, when it gets colder your clouds become very thick. While a lot of vapers would actually prefer their thick clouds, it can be a problem if you decide to use your device in your car. If you are vaping while driving, the colder temperatures will cause your windows to fog up a lot more and more often. You want to have the heater going so that you don’t have to wipe down the windscreen with your jumper sleeve every 2 minutes.

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