What are shortfill e-liquids and what are they used for?


Shortfill e-liquids refer to the vape juice that comes in larger bottles and without the addition of nicotine. The name comes about from the bottles not being filled all the way to the top. They’re not filled to the top so vapers can simply add some nicotine, shake them up and they are ready to go.

You may also hear shortfill e-liquids referred to as Shake n Vape because of this little preparation technique. The nicotine added to the vape juice is usually has a nigh nicotine concentrate with little to no other flavor.

Below we are going to explore everything you need to know about Shake n Vape juices.

A brief history lesson

When the craze of vaping really took off people commonly bought e-juice in large quantities and bottles. However regulations hit many countries especially Europe and how much e-juice with nicotine people were allowed to purchase. Since the regulation was geared towards nicotine based e-liquids, shortfill e-liquids hit the market as the free alternative but also offering the opportunity to add your own hit to it.

Buying in bulk saves you money is a no brainer as you have one bottle rather than several smaller ones. While this regulation hit consumers hard initially, shortfill e-liquids was able to combat that problem by allowing manufacturers to produce large quantities once again.

Is the quality compromised?

When shortfill e-liquids first entered the market they were of a much lower quality than their counterparts since they no longer had to be tested. E-juices with nicotine are required to be tested before they are sold which led to many consumers simply being ripped off.

Since then manufacturers understand that consumers would rather high quality products than the subpar one they were previously sold. They now have to be tested the same way that the nicotine based products do as well which is always a real kicker for multi-million dollar companies.

Unfortunately there are still some lower quality products that find themselves onto the market so vapers are advised to do their research before they make a new purchase.

Who should be using these products?

Now that you what these products are and what they are used for you’re probably ready to go out and buy some yourself. However be advised that these aren’t meant for everyone because they have a high amount of VG in them. If your device has a coil with a high resistance you will find that they don’t work as well for you. The thicker juices burn out these coils a lot quicker resulting in you shelling out even more money. Primarily high VG concentrated liquids are meant for cloud chasers as they provide the thickest clouds in combination with a low resistance coil.

If you are after an e-juice with a high nicotine content this may not be the best choice for you either. Nicotine regulations exist all across the world where in the EU the maximum shot you are allowed to have is 2 percent or 20mg. If you’re adding a shot to an shortfill e-liquid you will be getting a low concentration which may not provide that hit that you are after.

If you’re an avid cloud chaser with an advanced device these are perfect for you. As we mentioned before, high VG levels are great for blowing thick clouds but the best part is that they have no flavor or nicotine either. Cloud chasers that are practicing generally don’t want their throats to be irritated by having high nicotine or flavor concentrations in their e-juice.

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