What is e-liquid steeping?

What is e-liquid steeping

Steeping is an age old tradition when it comes to teas, beer and some food products. It’s a process of  aging a product through oxidation, which helps to release the flavour. Some people enjoy steeping their e-liquids before using them, as it helps to remove any unsavoury bottles tastes, or volatile ingredients such as alcohol, which will evaporate during steeping.

The idea behind steeping e-liquids is that it helps to improve the vaping experience, it’s definitely not a must-do process and not the right method for everyone, but many vapers feel that it helps to mellow out the flavour of e-juice and improves the overall experience when using an e-cig, regardless of what kind of vaporiser is used.

Commercially made e-juices have often already had an opportunity to steep because they have sat for some time, waiting for you to order. Homemade e-juices should definitely be steeped.

So with that in mind, read our answers to some important questions below.

Should I steep my e-liquid?

If you try out a flavour and find that it’s a little bit too strong, or that one note is coming across too strong, steeping might be a good way to combat any concerns as it will mellow out the flavour. Lighter flavours may become a bit tasteless however if they are left to steep.

How to steep?

Steeping isn’t a particularly difficult process, there are a few different methods, but none are overly complicated. The most straightforward method is definitely storing your e-liquid in a dark, cold area for a few weeks; you should occasionally shake it or expose it to the air.

Oxidation causes the e-liquid to reduce, which helps to concentrate flavours, which can be great for e-juice that tastes a bit dull. Steeping will help to bring out the full flavour profile.

A good tip for steeping e-juice is to remove the labels and packaging from the bottle, allow it to steep for 6-14 days with one shake per day, keep it out of the light and open the bottle occasionally to speed up the process.


Here are a few quick methods you can try to steep your e-juice.

Hot Bath

A hot bath is a great way to quickly steep your e-juice. You can do this by placing our e-juice in a sealed bag and submerging it in hot water, and then allowing the water to cool to room temperature. Once the water has cooled, you can open your e-juice to release the gas build-up.

Slow cooking

For this method, you should fill a slow cooker with hot water and throw your e-juice into a sealed bag and then place it in the cooker. Put the cooker on low and leave in there for up to 4 hours. Then you should uncap the bottles and let them breathe.

Your car

A hot car in the summer can really speed up the steeping process, but be careful with this as you could easily ruin your e-juice if the car is too hot. If the weather has been mild, leave your e-juice in the glove box for a day or so, and then uncap and let it breathe.

Use a heater

Steep your e-juice by setting it next to your space heater with it set on a low setting put the bottle uncapped at the end of the heater and leave for a short period. Put the lid back on and shake well.

Microwave it

A super quick way to steep your e-juice is to microwave your bottle for 10 seconds, and then allow them to cool with the cap off before recapping and shaking well.



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