Why people love to hate vaping

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Vaping is a personal decision, but there has been a lot said about in the news, online or in different social circles. Some e-cig users love it and swear by it, but other people have been less accepting and more distrustful of the new smoking alternative. New trends often attract a bit of pushback, because people are uncomfortable with change. People are right to be careful with new products however, especially when they contain addictive substances like nicotine and when legislation and regulatory bodies are still playing catch up.

E-cig devices and vaping have become a divisive topic, tending to draw strong reactions. People seem to either love it or hate it and have strong opinions about it.

Really it should be up to the individual, no matter what the reason someone has chosen to take up vaping, whether it be for smoking cessation, stress relief, a substitute for dessert or just for fun, it’s really not everyone else business but some people just love to hate e-cigs.

So why such a strong reaction?

Fear of the unknown

Some people seem to go out of their way to insult e-cig users or suggest that what they’re doing os dumb or silly. Well, in all likelihood the strong reaction probably comes from the relative newness of e-cigarettes.

This isn’t really a big surprise. People are often wary of new things and e-cigs are a pretty big evolution in the way that people smoke. They present new challenges for legislators and society and there’s a lot we don’t know about them just yet. Not to mention that e-cigarettes and vape culture are evolving at such a rapid pace that it’s hard for society to keep up. So people are understandably worried about the unknown.

It’s non-traditional

Smoking tobacco and marijuana has its own culture. These substances are seen as of the earth and traditional cigarettes and smoking are seen as more ‘natural’ ways of ingesting substances. E-cigs seem a bit scary because of how modern they seem. They’re electrical devices, in some cases resembling a USB. In the same way the older generation is uncomfortable with new iPhones or the internet, they’re also kind of terrified of this new way of smoking.

E-cigs have generated their own culture, which includes active social communities, new jobs and new stores. They are supportive of local economies. Just because they are a new way of doing things doesn’t necessarily mean they are bad. Inhaling vapour in many ways is a much cleaner alternative to smoke, it’s certainly easier on the lungs. Technological advances should not be feared but embraced.

Young people like it

The older generations tend to view youth trends as silly, dangerous or downright laughable. It pretty much happens every generation. The older generation didn’t like rock music, beatniks, hippies, punks or Justin Bieber. There’s just a general distrust of new things or new ideas, e-cig users just have to be patient. The benefits of vaping will become clearer over time and more people will come around.

Poor vape etiquette

Whilst most e-cigarette users are courteous and do their best to avoid inconveniencing other people, not everyone behaves that way. Some e-cig users give the whole community a bad name with their poor behaviour. Actions like public vaping, competitive vaping and showboating, self-righteousness towards smokers and other generally rude behaviours are enough to turn most people off of vaping altogether. It’s not fair that a very useful device and a whole community can be condemned because of the way a small percentage behaves, but that’s the way it is. Do you part and be courteous to others.


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