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5 Strategies To Keep Your E-Cigarette Well Maintained

Most products will deteriorate naturally over time, and the same goes with an e-cigarette. But sometimes, these devices tend to wear out faster because of poor maintenance. Basic upkeep will help to prolong the shelf life of your e-cigarette so you can enjoy vaping without having to worry about regular replacement. Not only will you not have to keep investing in new devices, but you'll also maximise performance from the one you do have – a win-win for you. Here are some strategies to help you keep your device well maintained.

Keep The E-Cigarette Device Clean With A Regular Cleaning Schedule

Just like you need to maintain other electronics, e-cigarettes will benefit from a regular maintenance schedule. Consider the following steps to clean your e-cigarette:

·         Open up all the device components at least once a week.

·         Wipe each component thoroughly with a damp, clean cloth.

·         Use q-tips to get into the grooves of the device to remove any dirt or debris lodged there.

It's important to follow these steps to keep the device as clean as possible. Pay close attention to the areas near the atomiser and battery as e-liquid can leak into these areas and damage the device. A regular cleaning schedule keeps the device good-as-new for longer and ensures superior performance.

Make Sure Parts Are Not Screwed On Too Tightly

While taking the device apart to give it a good wipe down is always great, you need to ensure you don't end up screwing the parts back too tightly. Consider the following:

·         Tight screwing may seem like a good way to prevent any loose connections but it can affect vapour production.

·         There is extra pressure on components screwed on too tightly, which means they may get damaged faster.

·         Tight screwing can also cause the cartridge to stop producing vapour, which affects the overall vaping experience.

When putting all the components back together, you don't have to go too tight. Just make sure everything is nice and secure before you start to use the device once again.

Avoid Battery Overcharging

Many people make the mistake of leaving their device to charge overnight, but this could hurt the performance of your batteries at the end. Consider the following:

·         Batteries don't need to be charged for too long because this could end up affecting their performance.

·         Once the batteries get to full charge, disconnect them immediately to help your batteries last for longer.

·         Do not wait until the battery completely drains out to charge it as this causes the battery to consume more energy to recover and will result in premature wear and tear.

·         When charging, make sure the battery reaches maximum charge to avoid having to recharge regularly as this can affect performance.

Batteries are important components of the vaping device so you'll want to ensure they are in tip-top condition at all times. Overcharging reduces their shelf life and causes premature damage, so make sure you avoid overnight charges.

Avoid Burning Out Your E-Liquid

E-liquid is necessary for a good vaping experience, but you don't want to end up burning it out completely as this might cause premature damage to the e-cigarette device. Consider the following:

·         If the contents of the e-liquid are coming to an end, avoid taking long draws and vaping too much as you will end up drying out the tank entirely.

·         Drying out the tank can result in a burning taste in your mouth because there is no e-liquid left in the device.

·         Ignoring this burnt taste will cause unnecessary damage to the device and you might need to replace it sooner than you expected.

It's important to keep a close eye on the e-liquid levels while vaping to ensure you don't end up with a dry tank.

Keep Your Device Protected With A Protective Case

The device should ideally be protected when not in use to prolong its performance. Consider the following:

·         Purchase a protective case.

·         Store the device in this protective case when not in use.

·         Keep the case out of direct sunlight and heat to avoid damaging the internal device.

·         Avoid dropping the case down and keep it away from pets and children.

Device protection is fundamental when it comes to maximising performance and prolonging shelf life.

These strategies will help you maintain your e-cigarette device for as long as possible.








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E-liquid MB

E-liquid MB Flavour - 0 mg nicotine

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