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Most common questions vapers get asked

If you’ve seen the vape trend skyrocket over the last few years, then you might have considered investing in the hobby yourself. There are lots of way to get into it, and an e-cigarette may be tempting for you.

You should do some self-evaluation and see if an e-cigarette is the right type of vaping device for you. If you do decide to get an e-cig, then you might discover you get asked the following questions more often than you like.

“What’s it like?”

This is the most annoying question that you will be routinely asked by anyone who shows a passing interest in your vape. This is especially true if you’re vaping around people who have smoke traditional cigarettes and are curious as to what the different experience is like.

Most people are pleasantly surprised that vaping isn’t as harsh as they expect it to be.

“Is it addictive?”

Naturally, people look at vaping at assume that those who are doing it habitually may be ‘addicted’. While it is possible to be addicted to nicotine used in some e-juices, there is no evidence of a chemical addiction developing around regular e-cig use without nicotine.

Any kind of habitual behaviour could be considered addictive, it is all about the user’s mindset.

“Can I try your e-cig?”

How you handle this question is really up to you – if you don’t want their germs on your e-cig then say no. It’s obviously not hygienic to share an e-cig, so we can’t recommend that you do it.

On the other hand, you might be eager to get people to try and see what all the fuss is about. Do yourself a favour and wash the mouthpiece thoroughly after you share it with someone (failing to do this is a great way to get sick).

“Isn’t that flavour a little gross?”

One of the biggest novelties that attracts people to vaping is when they head about someone vaping an e-juice that tastes like chocolate mud cake or a sprinkled donut. These flavours sound silly at first and its hard for many people to imagine anyone doing them on a regular basis.

While a newbie may not understand how you can vape a caramel coffee flavour all day, once they start it won’t take them long to realise why people choose to go with these delicious and interesting flavours.





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