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The most useful e-cig accessories

Its no secret that people like to accessorise their e-cigs and other vape devices with all manner of paraphernalia that makes their expiring better or more convenient. The utility of an e-cig accessory for you will depend primarily on the way in which your use it, how often you use it and your personal preferences.

Your vape accessories will form a part of what makes vaping joyous for you while also serving a practical purpose. They also give you something to collect and sort of act as treasures you’ve collected over time.

The following will look at some of the most useful accessories you can purchase for your e-cig.

Carry case

A carry case for your e-cig is a sensible purchase that protects your investment for the long run. It serves a dual purpose – making it easier to carry your vape around when you’re not using it and also protecting it from physical damage should you drop it.

The carry case is also an essential when you’re travelling, and your e-cig is going to be rustling around with other luggage. You don’t want to arrive at your holiday destination, open your baggage, and find your e-cig is destroyed, leaking e-juice everywhere.

There are also carry cases to protect your e-cig battery and replacement batteries so that you always have everything you need in working order. If you want to cover all your bases, these are great investments.


Powering your e-cig is obviously an important part of the hobby that you need to keep and eye on. If you plan to vape a lot, then you are going to want to have charged replacement batteries ready to go.

As mentioned, there are battery carry cases that protect as well as provide ease of access when you’re on-the-go. Changing out your e-cig battery while you’re out exploring an overseas city has never been easier!


There are also lots of e-cig accessories that don’t fall into any particular category but are worth checking out. These include things like mini tool kits, battery sleeves, wire shots, and vape styled clothing. That’s right – you can flaunt the fact you’re a vaper on your clothing!

As you can see there’s heaps for you to get lost in when you’re shopping for e-cig accessories. Hopefully you’ll be able to find the perfect mix of accessories that makes your vaping experience even better!

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Quick Starter Kit

Quick Starter Kit

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