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Step out in style with this eGo Travel Case. This hip e-cigarette case is the perfect accessory that looks stylish and keeps your e-cig needs in one convenient place.

There’s plenty of room for all your e-cigarette supplies, including e-liquid, batteries, drip tips, and atomisers. The double zipper design ensures you can get to your e-cig quickly, but it closes tight for a secure fit. 

Hints & Tips To Keep Your E-Cigarette Atomiser Clean

Vaping is a fun experience, but it can be stressful if the device stops functioning properly. There are several reasons why an e-cigarette starts to perform poorly, and one of them could be because of a dirty or faulty atomiser. Maintaining the device is important if you're looking for a good experience that maximises vape production and flavour.  These hints and tips are designed to help you keep your atomiser as clean as possible.

What Is An Atomiser And Why Should It Be Cleaned?

An atomiser is a tank that houses the e-liquid to produce the vape you desire. This is the most central element of the vaping device and functions by heating the e-liquid to create the vapour you inhale. Without this atomiser, the e-cigarette will not perform. Consider the following reasons why you need to make sure it is clean:

·         A clean atomiser helps to keep vapour fresh and prevents it from getting stale.

·         A clean atomiser extends the shelf life of the vaporiser and the chamber.

·         A clean atomiser allows properly airlflow to pass through the device for a smooth vaping experience.

·         A clean atomiser ensures proper functioning of electrical connections between the device and the batteries.

Keeping the atomiser clean is an important task when it comes to overall device maintenance.

Keeping The Atomiser Clean: Hints & Tips

Cleaning the atomiser is not complicated and is worth the time you take if you're looking to extend the life of your vaping device. Without a proper clean up every once in a while, your vaping device will suffer from premature damage. Here are some hints and tips to help you keep your e-cigarette’s atomiser clean:

·         Frequency is key – Atomiser coils and the chamber itself should be cleaned as frequently as possible to prevent dirt and debris from hurting the device. Cleaning could be every week or every month depending on how often you vape. A regular cleaning schedule ensures that the device remains in tiptop condition all the time – even if you use it often. 

·         Focus on the delicate parts – Many people clean the outer areas of the atomiser but fail to clean the more delicate and hard-to-reach parts. Use a q-tip to reach the atomiser coils as it allows you to get into small grooves to remove any gunk that has settled there. Use these q-tips as often as possible to prevent excessive build up of this gunk.

·         Wash the atomiser with waterEvery once in a while, your atomiser will benefit from a good wash or soak, especially if you have neglected to clean it for a while. A deep clean will help to remove any stubborn gunk on the atomiser, enabling it to perform at optimum levels once again.

When To Tell If The Atomiser Needs To Be Replaced?

While regular cleaning is important to protect the e-cigarette's atomiser for as long as possible, some times it can't be saved – especially if you have ignored cleaning for a while. Here are some signs indicating that atomiser replacement may be the way to go:

·         Crystallised wax found between the heating rod coils could indicate that the atomiser has reached its destruction point.

·         When the atomiser starts leaking e-juice then it isn't heating properly and may be on the verge of giving way.

·         Gurgling noises indicate a flooded atomiser which is another sign of impending failure.

·         Falling amounts of vapour every day could indicate a problem with the atomiser in your e-cigarette device.

·         Failure to produce any vapour at all could be because of a flooded atomiser that may need complete replacement.

·         A change in the taste and texture of the vapour or its quality is another indicator of a failing atomiser.

In some cases, cleaning the atomiser may simply not be enough. It's important to recognise the signs of a failing atomiser so you can either clean or replace it depending on your personal situation.

Equipped with these hints and tips, it's important that you don't take atomiser cleaning for granted. If you haven't followed a proper cleaning regime in the past, now is the time to make changes to ensure the atomiser lasts for as long as possible for the best vaping experience.






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nice for travelling

if you travel a lot, this one will can protect your e-cigarette

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Travel Case

Travel Case

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