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Buying an e-vape pen as a gift

Due to the popularity of vaping and e-cigarettes, it’s only natural that people in your life are going to show interest in the hobby. This is especially true if you’ve been vaping around them and they’ve expressed interest or even tried your e-cig for themselves and seemed to like it.

If you’ve read the cues correctly and know that they have a birthday or other celebration coming up, buying them an e-cigarette could make for a really memorable gift. Let’s talk a bit more about buying e-cigs as gifts.

You’ll have insight into the best products

If you buy a gift for someone that is also something you’re very familiar with, it means you’re less likely to end up giving them something that’s poor quality. The last thing you would want to do is buy someone a gift that’s notorious for being a poor product because you didn’t know what you were looking at.

You should always take advantage of your experience and expertise as a vaper to recommend the best products and this should carry over when you’re buying gifts.

They will actually use it!

One of the most difficult/frustrating things about buying gifts for people is that you feel obligated to get them something even though you’re unsure if they actually need or want the gift. For example, someone might really appreciate that you spent time and money buying them a perfume, but are they actually going to wear it out at any kind of frequency?

The great thing about e-cigs is that, when gifted, people aren’t likely to snub their nose at them and this is a not an issue if they’ve expressed interest already. They will likely start using it then and there after they open the gift since it’s the kind of thing you would be impatient to start using once you discover you own it.

They will have something new in common with you

Another great reason to buy an e-cig as a gift for your friend or loved one is that they’ll be joining the same hobby as you. This means you’ll have another person to vape with, discuss vaping with and buy future gifts such as accessories and e-juices for.

This also means they’ll be able to return the favour and buy you vaping related gifts. Since they’re now a part of the hobby, they’ll have more insight into buying quality products that you will enjoy.



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Vape pen

Vape Pen

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