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Advantages of buying an e-cig beginner kit

If you’re interested in purchasing an e-cigarette and diving into the wonderful world of vaping, you might want some guidance on where to get started. E-cigarettes come in different strengths and complexity – so you probably will benefit from starting with something simple and uncomplicated for your first piece.

Luckily, e-cigarette beginner kits are an excellent way for you to get started with everything you need to get a feel for what vaping is all about. They are simply a great entry point for anyone new to the hobby and we have a great selection of beginner e-cigarette kits available to purchase.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the advantages of buying an e-cig beginner kit.

All-in-one package

The most obvious advantage of an e-cig beginner kit is that it has everything you could possibly need to start vaping once you open up the box. This means that you won’t have to wait for an extra part to get started straight away.

At Kev’s Vape, we got a step further and include a sample 10ml bottle of e-juice in the kit so that you don’t have to separately order cartridges in preparation for use. This is great if you’re still very unsure about whether you’re going to enjoy vaping and don’t want to invest to heavily in a supply of e-juice you may not end up using.

Gentle start

The e-cigarette you get with your beginner kit will be of a mild to moderate strength depending on your choice. If you’ve never smoked cigarettes or something like a hookah before, then you might find a mild e-cig a better place to start as your lungs will be quite sensitive to it the first time you puff.


Another great thing about e-cig starter packs is that they are the most affordable way to get into the hobby of vaping. This is because it would be more expensive to buy all of the parts individually than get them all shipped together in a pre-assembled package.

If you don’t have a lot of disposable income to throw around on a new hobby like vaping, then these beginner kits are a logical, low-risk way to get into it. If you’re a more advanced vape enthusiast, a beginner kit could also make a perfect gift for a friend or loved one who showed interest in your hobby.

You can read our guide to buying an e-cigarette as a gift here.



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Vaping Starter

Vaping Starter Kit

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